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EP Global

EP Global is a manufacture, sales, and consulting company with electrical expertise in all vertical markets.  Our technology and knowledge is based on a set of novel intellectual property and experience in electrical systems.  This knowledge and experience is now coming to the market through both our designed products and broad experience of the power and electrical systems in all vertical markets. 


Founded in 2016, EP Global has brought innovation to the power and electrical footprint currently in existence.   EP Global was founded to bring a vast wealth of experience and knowledge from diverse back grounds in order to develop cutting edge new improvements to the electrical system.  Although EP Global is a new entity the founders along with the future team of individuals developed a foundation for a market changing company.  EP Global is bringing together individuals that have the experience and back grounds to bring the change to the market place. .  Our technology is going to be in the forefront of data centers, oil and gas applications and numerous other markets.  EP Global will be the standard in a few years to better the power usage effectiveness (PUE) and power quality inside the electrical systems in data centers.  EP Global is scalable and has the management technology and sales team to execute in the market place.    


All electrical systems and connected loads are viable business opportunities for our products and consulting.